Nothing fazes Theresa when it comes to a painting project.

  • Children asking questions or watching Theresa paint pose no problem. 

Think your house is too tall? Vaulted ceilings?

  • Theresa has a ladder and the skill to make the top story of your house look as fantastic as the first floor. 

Worried about paint being left everywhere but the wall?

  • Theresa guarantees her drop cloth is always at the ready to make sure paint only goes where it’s wanted. 

What if I’m home or my kids are home, do I need to leave my house while it's being painted?

  • Theresa prides herself on putting her clients first, no need to rearrange your life while she’s painting, you may even find yourself drawn to her amazing stories and contagious laughter. 

What if I’ve had a bad experience in the past having my house painted?

  • Theresa understands that things happen which is why she guarantees her work. If you're not happy she’s not happy. 

What if I am having a complete remodel done or I am having my house built?

  • No problem, Theresa is happy to work with Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, etc. 

How should I get a-hold of Theresa Paints?

  • Feel free to call, text, or email her.